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Stephen Chow wants to join the NFT wave and release film character NFT

Joan Cornella created the FROM CHINA WITH LOVE NFT for Stephen Chow

Artist Joan Cornella is a Stephen Chow fan
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In recent years Stephen Chow Sing Chi rarely did any interview. Yesterday he made a rare appearance online for the "FWENCLUB X Stephen Chow" Ask Me Anything session, and answered question in the "Sing Yeh style" humorous ways. Speaking of earlier when Spaniard artist Joan Cornella released a NFT series, one of which resembled his character in FROM CHINA WITH LOVE (GOK CHAN LING LING CHAK). This time he "spoke up" out of gratitude. "Very obviously he has watched my movies since he was little, one of my fans. I really like him too. He looks a lot like Al Pacino, would he be able to guest star?" Later the host asked what NFT meant to a creator like him? Chow Sing Chi said, "You think I am a creator? I am probably an artist, but don't tell anymore. Because you knew even without me saying it, since you knew keep talking about it would be pointless. Whether for a creator or an artist, NFT recognizes copyright. I feel for us it's a good thing, it's very meaningful." As for his collection, he said, "I have a lot of work from Van Gogh, Picasso....'s photos, they are all over my house."

Near the end Chow Sing Chi asked everyone if he would release NFT, which film's character should he use? FWENCLUB founder SK Lam said GOD OF COOKERY (SIK SUN). Chow Sing Chi asked which character, but before anyone could respond he said, "Probably Yu Fa, you look like you are more interested in Yu Fa."

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