Thursday, March 17, 2022


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Keung To, director Kearen Pang

Teresa Mo
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Keung To (top) and Jer Lau (bottom) with director Kearen Pang
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The Kearen Pang Sau Wai directed, Teresa Mo Shun Kwan, Keung To and Jer Lau Ying Ting starred Emperor Motion Picture MAMA'S AFFAIR (AH MA YAU GOR DAI YI GOR) earlier was selected to participate in the 17th Osaka Asian Film Festival. Earlier its world premiere took place. The reaction was enthusiastic as viewers raved on social media. A Japanese fan covered the event live. "At first when I saw the poster I thought MAMA's would be a commercial idol film, but surprisingly I was moved to tears! When I saw the director was Pang Sau Wai, I knew it would be a quality film!" Some viewers also had nothing but praise for Mo Shun Kwan's acting. Keung To and Jer surprised viewers with their film debuts. "I was the first time I saw MIRROR's two members, but their acting surprised me very much. Their singing was very outstanding."

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