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Patrick Tam had an out of body experience from the fight scene in the rain with Richie Jen

Patrick Tam's self slapping video had over 170,000 views
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Patrick Tam Yiu Man earlier teamed with Best Actor Simon Yam Tat Wa and Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) on the new film MAN ON THE EDGE (BIN YUEN HUNG JEH), which would open next month in the Mainland. This time he held nothing back in his performance, not only was he slapped by Yam Tat Wa but also according to a recent viral online video he slapped himself 13 times while recounting his own "crimes". He looked so vicious that he left chills in the audience. The video had almost 170,000 viewers in a short time on Mainland social media and reached the top of the search results.

Speaking of this self slapping scene, Ah Tam said, "Of course hitting myself hurts! However because I am too into the role I 'threw in something extra'. I hope the result would give characters more dimensions, more realism. You can say I made a sacrifice for art." He even joked that this was "one time only". "It really is 'just in this lifetime and not the next'! I hope I wouldn't to slap myself or get slapped by others for the rest of my life!"

Ah Tam had a series of action scenes, in the major scene he, Siu Chai and others were in a battle royale. This scene took over 5 days to shoot. They might have looked cool fighting in the rain, but only they would know the pain behind the scene. Ah Tam said, "Everyday after breakfast we would fight until dinner. When we woke up and opened our eyes we did it all over gain. Everyone were hurting all over from the shoot, luckily we had a physical therapist who helped everyone relax a little on the set. I consider myself pretty tough, but looking back, over those days we really traversed between heaven and hell!" Because elder Sammo Hung Kam Bo also guest starred, Ah Tam said that it was well worth the effort. "My only regret was not getting the chance to ask him for a few praying mantis moves!"

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