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Veteran Taiwan artist Ku Pao-Ming yesterday morning passed away from cardiopulmonary failure due to gastrointestinal hemorrhage at age 72. Ku Pao-Ming's THE VILLAGE OF NO RETURN co-star Shu Qi and Godot Theatre Company's art director Liang Chih-Min remembered him on social media.

In the 80s with HE AINT'S HEAVY, HE'S MY BROTHER he won the Golden Bell Award Best Actor. In the 90s with THE PEACH BLOSSOM LAND he won the 29th Golden Horse Award Best Supporting actor. His films included the Edward Yang De-Chang directed TERRORIZER, the 80's box office hit BLACK SKIN AND WHITE TEETH to the recent THE WARLORDS (TAU MING JONG) and THE VILLAGE OF NO RETURN. He was very active in show business.

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