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Checkley Sin criticizes the lack of support for film
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Checkley Sin Kwok Lam earlier announced that he would run for the Chief Executive. He shared in an interview yesterday his film related policy and whether he would continue to make movies if he would be elected. Sin Kwok Lam said that the current policy only supported film with HK$ 1 billion, far behind Korea and India. He also said that the Hong Kong market was not large enough. Hong Kong film through co-production has broken into the Mainland market. He would fight for direct inspection and distribution in the Mainland with the State Administration for Radio, Film and Television. He also pointed out that film was not just a economic sector, but a way to promote Chinese culture to the West. He pointed out that this would be a part of his platform that he would announce next Friday.

Sin Kwok Lam also said that lately he has been busy with the election and even personally wrote two movies about marriage and the elderly. The one about marriage has already been complete, with actors like Alice Chan Wai, Man Hoi Ling, Wong Yin Chi. The other one if he would be elected would look for others to make, but he believed that if he would be elected he would not have time to direct. Once elected he would still continue to invest in film. As far as he knew there would be no conflict but he would be required to file about doing it.

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