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Bowie Lam and John Chiang give each other thumbs up

IN BROAD DAYLIGHT's director and actors attend an audience appreciation event
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The film IN BROAD DAYLIGHT (BAK YUT JI HA) after almost a month in release, during its run it has become the single day box office many times. As of November 29th, the film after 28 days already accumulated over HK$ 17 million at the box office. The whole team was very grateful for the audience support and two nights ago director Lawrence Kan Kwan Chun led the cast, including John Chiang Dai Wai (John Gor), Jennifer Yu Heung Ying, Bowie Lam Bo Yi, Leung Chung Hang, Rachel Leung Yung Ting, Peter Chan Charm Man, Chu Pak Him, Vanora Hui Yuet Sheung and theme song performer Cath Wong Yin and screen writers Lee Cheuk Fung and Tong Chui Ping to form the strongest and largest audience appreciation team since the film opened. The group of 12 went to the cinema to personally thank the viewers, and wished that the film after entering its fifth week would continue to have good performance.

When viewers saw the 12 cast and crew members they were extra excited. John Gor even took the initiative to pump up the crowd, as he put on his character "Uncle Tung"'s trademark baseball cap he received applause and cheer from the entire audience. He said, "Actually Uncle Tung isn't dumb, he is as sharp as me. Thank you very much everyone for supporting IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, I hope everyone would go to the movies more. Many Hong Kong films really are very entertaining." Joining the audience appreciation team for the first time, Lam Bo Yi also got along with the crowd. He said, "Just now John Gor saw me and said he wanted to hit me, hahaha, this director truly deserves a beating. He really is a demon character." The audience appreciation team then gave away commemorative baseball caps to the audience.

Director Kan Kwan Chun again thanked the audience for their love, as he gratefully said, "IN BROAD DAYLIGH is preparing to step into its fifth week, good box office represents the support of many people. That is what we want to see the most, hoping to get everyone talking and thinking. I also hope that the film would be able to go even further." Several actors continued to call for viewers to keep going to see the movie and looked forward to even better box office performance. Lam Bo Yi hoped that the audience would not only show their support but also tell their friends, actually a good movie was very hard to come by. John Gor believed that a good movie would definitely have viewers. He has enjoyed and been pleased with the film reviews and box office very much. Yu Heung Ying said that the film has been in the cinemas for over 1 months, but still she saw so many viewers. Thus she wanted to think each viewers who came to the show. She also revealed that the film would be released in North America. She hoped that the film would be able to go to even more different places for releases, so it would be seen by even more people.

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