Thursday, November 3, 2016


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Kara Wai Ying Hung whose resemblance to Tilda Swinton has been discussed online earlier was invited to work on French director Luc Besson's new film. Sister Siu Hung was surprised that Luc Besson knew and invited her. Actually the director has always paid attention to Asian films. Sister Siu Hung is the very representative of female Asian action star. She could both act and fight. Thus he took a chance to contact her manager in hopes of inviting Sister Siu Hung to perform.

Sister Siu Hung said that she was very happy to receive the invitation, but her English was truly limited and so was her schedule. She needed time to catch up. She did not want to make the chance to connect with an international company. In the end her manager chose to compromise with a guest appearance. She could perform and not spend a lot of time on English lessons. Sister Siu Hung who appeared as an evil queen hired a foreign English teacher to catch up on everyday conversation and the script. The instructor even personally corrected Sister Siu Hung's pronunciation on the set to absolute perfection. More interestingly her co-stars Mark Chao and Ni Ni communicated in Putonghua, but as soon as they saw Sister Siu Hung they conversed in English. Sister Siu Hung of course knew they meat well as they hoped that she would be used to performing in a foreign language. Thus Sister Siu Hung would bring a pile of fruit and snacks for everyone on every shoot.

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