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Michael Hui after 38 years competes for the Golden Horse Best Actor again
Hui See-Wai makes fun of how rotten Michael Hui's Mandarin is
Michael Hui jokes that he "fell into a trap" and guest stars in his son Wai-See's documentary
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King of comedy Michael Hui Koon Man's son Hui See-Wai through directing the documentary THE POSTERIST saluted the film poster artist Yuen Tai-Yung. Also for the 40th anniversary of PRIVATE EYE BLUES (BOON GUNG BAK LEUNG) he brought back more nostalgia from the Hong Kong film golden age. Speaking of why he made the film, See-Wai said that one day he received Mama's "order" to clean up Papa's company warehouse. he discovered among the dusty junk many classic film's posters and film. "Even the film's chemical went bad, I called Daddy and Mommy. Daddy actually said just throw them all out!"

Michael said, "I really said that? But it really was rotten, as long as we have a DVD back up it's fine!" See-Wai felt that this part of history should be documented. The final decision was to properly "bury" this treasure at the Hong Kong Film Archive. Was it difficult to find the reclusive poster master Yuen Tai-Yung? See-Wai stated that it was extremely difficult. "He immigrated many years ago. (Clifton) Ko Chi Sum, (Philip) Chan Yun Kin, and (Eric) Tsang Chi Wai had no idea how to find him." Finally he discovered that actually he has already returned to Hong Kong and even found a social media account. After several months of contact he was able to invite him to return.

Did Michael feel proud that her son had a "good show"? He said, "He might have just gotten lucky! However I really feel that he is very creative. He says that almost all of my movies have posters that Yuen Tai-Yung created, but I only had one meeting with him. Speaking of which I really feel I owe Yuen Tai-Yung an apology!" See-Wai also revealed that Papa "guest starred" In the film. He arranged for him to meet Yuen Tai-Yung again. Michael immediately claimed that he was "set up". "Even I didn't know about this guest starring role! He said why don't you come back to the office for a chat later, as soon as I opened the door Yuen Tai-Yung was right there!"

Speaking of Michael's Golden Horse Best Actor Award nomination for GODSPEED, he said that even if he won it probably would be a "lifetime achievement award". "38 years ago I was nominated, I thought that I would have many more after that but I didn't. I think they know I won't have another 38 years so on a humanitarian level they would give me the award." He also revealed that because of his poor Mandarin, during the delivery of long dialogues he often messed up in the end. "After the shoot, the director told me to stay another night to shoot the first day's scenes again. He said then he would take me out for dinner and drinks. In the end he used the last shot, actually he didn't accept the first day's work!" See-Wai also said, "His Mandarin really is pretty bad!" Speaking of Michael's renowned "machine gun mouth", did See-Wai feel Papa speak too fast? He said, "He isn't so fast in everyday life, usually he just says the same few things over and over. 'Where are we going to dinner?' 'Do we have any fish?' Michael joked, "Do I have fish all the time?"

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