Saturday, November 19, 2016


Shirley Chan, Chui Tien You
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Artists Tsui Tin Yau, Shirley Chan Yan Yin, Joey Tang and director and producer Charlie Wong Wing Fung two nights ago attended the film I MISS YOU (MOOT YAU PONG MAN DIK HAU TIN) production wrap banquet. Tin Yau said, "I have never worked on so many crying scenes. Normally I watch zombie movie more. So I took some lessons from MY LOVE FROM THE STAR. Once the director said that we were adding a crying scene, I immediately went to a corner to cultivate my emotions. (Did you also have many intimate scenes?) Embraces. The director wanted the movie to be more innocent. Even foul language wasn't pretended. This time the actors improvised a lot of the lines, it was pretty fresh!"

Chan Yan Yin said, "I watched Zhou Dongyu in UNDER THE HAWTHORN TREE as research. At the beginning I had pressure, later as son as I thought of Tin Yau's ending in the film my emotions would arrive. I had a scene in which I went from no tear to crying in half a minute, it was very memorable!"

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