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The Ringo Lam Lan Tung directed SKY ON FIRE (CHUNG TIN FOR) has already been released, Taiwan hunk Joseph Chang Hsiao-Chuan had fight scenes after fight scenes. He contributed to truck chases and a variety close contact action scenes, and they were all "real". This was already the second time that Chang Hsiao-Chuan worked with Lam Lan Tung, the first time was the 2015 WILD CITY (MAI SING), in which he played a vicious killer. This time in the film he played a truck driver who was protective of his sister. Chang Hsiao-Chuan said, "In one scene 'Big Wolf' Li Haitao and were fighting in a tunnel. Li Haitao had to hit me then ram me into a wall. We practiced it six times before, but because Ng Yin Cho (Daniel Wu)'s earlier injury we didn't dare to fight for real. No matter how we worked it didn't feel right. Director Lam showed us the playback on the monitor and said it was 'too fake'. He hoped that we would do it for real. Finally one scene was especially memorable for me, Haitao dragged me to ram the wall. When my head really hit the wall, I felt dizzy and really collapsed."

Aside from the action scenes, Chang Hsiao-Chuan and Amber Kuo also had an ambiguous relationship that seemed to be there but was not. Earlier Chang Hsiao-Chuan announced his break up. The beyond cool Chang Hsiao-Chuan heard the reporters joked that many women were eyeing the newly single him like crouching tigers and finally flashed a smile. Did he have a chance with the also single Amber Kuo? Chang Hsiao-Chuan awkwardly smiled and said, "Actually dating has its advantages but being single has its too, since I am in no hurry to find someone and Mama has never rushed me to get married. As for Amber, after finishing the film we had no contact personally and felt nothing special."

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