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Michelle Wai plays the younger Nina Paw
Michelle Wai develops a relationship with her child co-star
As long as the timing is right, Michelle Wai does not mind getting married and having children in a flash
Raymond Wong and Nina Paw have many tear jerking scene
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Veteran artist Nina Paw Hee Ching in the family film SHOW ME YOUR LOVE (SIU SAU YIN DAI SAU) played Raymond Wong Ho Yin's mother. Michelle Wai Sze Nga played her character in her youth, a lower class but strong mother who would risk everything to protect her son. Speaking of playing the same character, Sister Bau said, "I was very curious who they would get to play the younger me? I take one look, Wow! She actually is Sze Nga. She is very pretty! Her acting is good too!" Sze Nga humbly said that she did not deserve that. "I went online to see photos of Sister Bau in her youth. Actually we look very much alike!"

In the film Sister Bau and Ho Yin's relationship became estranged. Sister Bau became sick in her old age and Ho Yin fulfilled her wishes for her. They thus began to understand each other anew with a lot of tear jerking scenes in between. Sister Bau said, "Ho Yin and I have a lot of family scenes. He has to carry me. He is very big and carries me very well! The most memorable is in one scene he sings WHENEVER CHANGE COMES to me. After so many years of acting, this scene is one of the most touching. I just keep on crying. The character of course is different from me in real life! My daughter and I are very close, but after reading the script when I see the moment when my son finally forgives myself I feel extra touched!"

As for being "promoted" to play Mommy, Sze Nga stated that at first she was rather worried. Luckily she got along very pleasantly with the eight year old Malaysian child star, who was super smart and kissed up to her. Sze Nga said that she was completely melted. "He is very cute. On the second day he is already stuck to me. He says, 'You have already stolen my heart, but you don't have to return it to me. Just let it stay with you!' Wow! He can't be more grown up. On the last day he even gives me a bracelet. He is super sweet and immediately makes me want to have one! (Do you have any plan to have a baby?) At any time! You can't plan stuff like that. I absolutely will get married in a flash, I wouldn't say I would wait until marriage to have a baby."

No wonder Sze Nga said that it was hard to yell at her cute son in the film than using foul language. "My heart aches as soon as I saw his cute face, how can I yell at him? That scene in which I have to abandon him is very touching! Actually I watch Sister Bau's part earlier, it is very heart warming and everyone was in tears!"

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