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Aarif Rahman , Jackie Chan
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Director Stanley Tong Kwai Lai, actors Jackie Chan, Aarif Rahman (Lee Chi Ting) and others yesterday attended KUNG FU YOGA's Shanghai press conference. Director Tong Kwai Lai revealed that the Dubai car race almost had all of the world's most luxurious cars with over 70 Lamborghini, Bentley, Ferrari......although the actors had fun, he was on the edge of his seat everyday. Any crash would cost 200 million. Yet as a car lover, Lee Chi Ting said that although the shoot was tough he enjoyed it very much. He had a very thrilling car stunt that left him over the top of a car for two weeks. Because he did not wear any protective gear Jackie Chan disciplined him.

Jackie Chan said that in this Dubai car race, the most attractive to him was not the cars but the pet that sat by the Dubai princess the entire time -- a lion. In the trailer, this mighty lion had the same expression as Jackie Chan. They were scared and anxious at the same time. Aside from the thrills and the laughs, it got car sick because Jackie Chan was going too fast.

This press conference was only 5 days away from Jackie Chan's Lifetime Achievement Oscar award presentation. Everyone sang TRUE HEARTED HERO to boost his morale. Jackie Chan lamented, "I have been in film for 56 years. All filmmakers dream of the Oscar, but for an action comedy actor it always feels too distant. I now feel it was worth all the injuries and operations. However I want to thank the fans around the world the most. I keep perfecting myself for them and become a good kid."

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