Friday, November 4, 2016


Lam Tsz Chung and Louis Cheung
Louis Cheung and Sun Mingming
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Director and actor Lam Tsz Chung and the red hot Louis Cheung Kai Chung worked together on the film SIU LUM JOOK KAU. Chubby Chung stated that the script took ten years to prepare. In recent years comedy was getting harder and harder to make, but he was fully confident in SIU. He was not afraid of comparison to the Stephen Chow Sing Chi's classic film SHAOLIN SOCCER. "It definitely won't disappoint you! The one before was a live action cartoon, this time is more realistic, very appropriate and inspirational!" Louis played the soccer club "left over". He had anger control issues and kept getting red cards. Also on the team was Steven Hao and the 7' 9" Sun Mingming. The appearance of the team was already hilarious. Chubby Chung said, "Tall, short, fat and thin, we have everything!"

Speaking of former basketball player Sun Mingming, Louis said, "He played my little brother, he was taller than Yao Ming. The camera would often miss him! I show our photo to my wife, she said why did I look so much like a dwarf!"

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