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Kai Ko
Song Seung-Heun
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Karena Lam
Juliette Binoche
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Zhou Dongyu, Ma Sichun
Fan Bingbing
Eric, Bowie and Derek Tsang
Shu Qi

Tiffany Hsu

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The 53rd Golden Horse Award took place last night, but the weather did not cooperate as the red carpet ceremony began with a drizzle. However it did not dampen the brilliant star power and the heated atmosphere. This year's Golden Horse Award chair, the already 63 year old Sylvia Chang appeared in an elegant black evening gown and gave a friendly wave to the crowd. Taiwan star Tiffany Hsu Wei-Ning was asked about rumors of getting back together with Ethan Juan. She said that today the Golden Horse Award would be the focus and changed the subject.

Taiwan hunk Kai Ko Chen-Tung was nominated for Best Actor with THE ROAD TO MANDALAY. The team appeared together in a show of presence and many fans screamed for him. Ko Chen-Tung said that while shooting in Myanmar, the language barrier and the not so great environment made the production very tough but the film was well worth the effort.

Eric Tsang Chi Wai walked the red carpet with son Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung and daughter Bowie Tsang as a family. Chi Wai was asked about not taking a cent for his work in MAD WORLD (YUT LIM MO MING), he felt that it was rare for an actor to run into a good script. Thus he would make the movie even if he had to pay. The nomination was already a reward. The Tsang Kwok Cheung directed SOUL MATE had decent box office and word of mouth. The host asked if he really knew about women. Kwok Cheung said that he had to thank his mother and sister because when he directed his sister influenced him a lot. Did Bowie want her father or her brother to win more? Bowie directly said, "Of course Papa, the last time he won was already 18 years ago. My brother is still young, he still has many more 18 years."

Feng Xiaogang and Fan Bingbing competed with his film I AM NOT MADAME BOVARY. Director Feng said that Bingbing was the "most beautiful village lady". Despite claiming that he would not mention any gossip, he asked Bingbing whether "Big Black Bull" Li Chen would cheer for her. Fans screamed "Get Married". Bingbing joked, "I won't until I win!" Shu Qi was asked about the price of her jewelry and dress, she joked, "I am priceless!" However she pretended not to hear when asked if her husband Stephen Fung Tak Lun came.

In comparison to the Chinese film stars, Korean star Song Seung-heon was the most popular. He also showed his friendly side and kept posing for selfies with fans in the rain. Seung-heon presented the award with Ariel Lin and he said that Ariel was popular in Korea too.

Zhou Dongyu and Ma Sichun both were nominated for Best Actress with SOUL MATE. They walked the red carpet with performer and Best Original Film Song nominee Leah Dou. Leah appeared a little shy on the red carpet for the first time, as she kept hiding behind Zhou and Ma. She still had a smile on her face. Zhou Dongyu said that she was already very happy to be nominated. Ma Sichun said that originally she was very nervous but because they came as a group she was a bit more relaxed. The host asked if Faye Wong would cheer on Leah, Leah replied in a low key manner, "She just said let's go!"

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