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Stephen Au praises Stephy Tang's potential
Stephy Tang kicks Stephen Au in the belly, there would be trouble if it goes a little lower 
Stephy Tang has no defense against Stephen Au's punch
Stretching is a piece of cake for Stephy Tang with her volleyball background
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Stephy Tang Lai Yun who played many fragile characters before recently worked on Chapman To Man Chak's new film HUNG SAU DOH (KARATE) and played a karate master. Because she had zero karate experience, before the shoot she asked Stephen Au Kam Tung to be her instructor. With her athletic background Stephy had no difficulty with warm up and stretching and looked convincing with her punches, side kicks and even close combat. Although when she threw a punch she accidentally hit Ah Tong's ear, she was still praised for her potential.

Although she tried Muay Thai kickboxing, Stephy did not know how to hold back. At her first lesson she ended up bruising both legs after her kicks. "Master Au's legs were all red from my kicks! (What about anywhere you shouldn't kick?) That goes without saying! I can't count how many injuries I gave him. Luckily he me her how to pull back my kick, when it got to the important region I could pull back." Speaking of the over two minute fight with a three degree karate athlete, Stephy admitted that she already felt the pressure as the scene would require to be finished in one take. "I won't get to practice, and it will have to be done in one take. However after over two months of training I don't want to waste the realism! The opponent will be an experienced master. I am afraid I won't be able to adjust. We will meet before hand." Has she tried to get into shape? Stephy said that instead she needed muscle training to support her body. The costume will show the waist, so she was working hard on the vest line.

For her first fight scene, Stephy said that she has always wanted to try different characters. "In the past year or two I have focused on making movies. I have made many different types of film. I haven't released a new song in a year! Now I want to slowly transition to acting. I have an understanding with the company, I may consider independent or film theme song. (Since you have your heart set on acting would you not date yet?) I am not ready yet! I am prepared to reach a new height with my career, I would leave romance to fate."

Ah Tong praised Stephy was one of the smartest students but was also very lazy. "In the film she has a kill shot, a mid air flip that normally can't be done without any martial art background. However she learned it in half a lesson, which may have something to do with her volleyball dive saves. Now she can go on her own!" He revealed that he had to fight a wrestler in the film, before hand he would also need special training.

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