Tuesday, November 22, 2016


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Elaine Jin
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Stephy Tang Lai Yun and director Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) yesterday attended their film L FOR LOVE, L FOR LIE TOO (SUT LUEN YUT)'s promotional event. She said that when she saw the trailer that she felt that when she made this movie several months ago she was very fat and clumsy. Stephy revealed that lately she has been hurting all over because she has been practicing karate for her new film KARATE (HUNG SAU DOH). Because she will have to work on a fight in the ring with a third degree black belt karate master and the shoot needed to be done in two minutes straight, she could not use a double. Stephy said, "In the scene I will lose and take a beating, earlier I really got a little dizzy when someone punched me. Thus fighting is fighting, but it would be the best not to hit the face. I have to know how to block too!" Stephy said that she too wanted to spend time to learn karate. Would she like to become an action actress? She said, "I have always been athletic, only I didn't have the chance to show my strong suit. After being praised for having the potential, I started to become confident!" She even said that she wanted to learn swordplay. She thought that the fairy in the movie looked very pretty, perhaps even learning swordplay would not be useful. Yet making movie may require it.

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