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Ng See Yuen
Chow Chung
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Legendary star of a generation Hsia Moon was known as the Great Princess of the Great Wall Three Princesses. She passed away on the 28th at the age of 83. Her family wanted a low key affair for her funeral. Mass was held around 1:30PM at a Stanley church. Around 2:30PM a memorial took place at the American Club Hong Kong at Central. Director Ng See Yuen, Stanley Kwan Kam Peng, Chow Chung and others attended the memorial.

Ng See Yuen said, "I have known Hsia Moon for years. I have seen her at many film events. She was great to talk to, I really admire her. She was my idol because she was pretty, her movies were popular and most primarily because of her dignified character. She had quite a temperament and demeanor. Later she became a producer and made BOAT PEOPLE and HOMECOMING. Neither film was easy to make, BOAT PEOPLE in particular. Under the political climate at the time, being able to make it was not easy." Ng See Yuen felt that Hsia Moon's achievement was worthy of everyone's respect. She not only performed well with her acting and producing, her demeanor was the most important. Even after she rose to stardom she did not think that she was a big deal. Her character was respected.

Hsia Moon's film and interview videos were shown at the memorial. A lot of Hsia Moon's film stills and photos were on display. Hsia Moon's son, daughter and grandchildren were present.

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