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Michelle Wai focuses on film after her break up
Ringo Lam plans to give Joseph Chang some physical contact with the ladies next time
Eddie Cheung
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The film SKY ON FIRE (CHUNG TIN FOR) two nights ago held its premiere at Olympian City. Director Ringo Lam Lan Tung led actors Joseph Chang Hsiao-Chuan, Eddie Cheung Siu Fai, Michelle Wai Sze Nga, Jim Chim Shui Man and Joman Chiang in attendance. One of the lead actors Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) was unable to attend because he was working on a series overseas. At the premiere director Lam Lan Tung praised Chang Hsiao-Chuan for being tough, fearless and focused, but most of his physical contact was with male stars. He joked that next time he would arranged for more girls to be in close contact with him.

Chang Hsiao-Chuan was asked about Director Lam's intention of giving him so romantic action scenes. He joked, "I am OK if the director makes the arrangements." Earlier Chang Hsiao-Chuan announced his break up. Has he asked any girl out for Christmas? He said, "I will spend Christmas and New Year with family, because my sister brought her daughter back to Taiwan. (Are you afraid that your family would ask why you broke up?) They know. (Did your family feel it was regrettable?) They are OK!" Has his family rushed him to get married? Chang Hsiao-Chuan said that they would not because his sister is already married. His mother also has not introduced any girl to him. She was in no rush and felt that he had to decide for himself about stuff like that.

In the film Chang Hsiao-Chuan had many dangerous stunts and even a car chase. Was the production tough? He admitted, "In a car chase in the film, the director would ask us to perform the stunts ourselves. Thus we felt very stressed. (Did you get hurt?) More or less we would get hurt, but nothing too serious."

Wai Sze Nga earlier announced that she and her boyfriend of three years have broken up. Would she consider Chang Hsiao-Chuan who is also similarly single recently? She said, "How can you be so sudden? That's great (But he is very dull?) I am very dull too. My best friend is my cat, dog and Mommy. Should find someone with the opposite personality? Find someone who isn't as dull? (How is your Putonghua?) I have to practice a little."

She said that in the film she had no scene with Chang Hsiao-Chuan at all. She played Ng Yin Cho's wife. She had a lot to say about Ng Yin Cho. "I was so happy about being able to play Ng Yin Cho's wife that I would've done it for free." She said that Ng Yin Cho's most attractive part was that after marriage he still really took care of his wife and daughter. One day his wife visited the set and she saw how loving they were. She thought that if she would have such a husband in the future that would be great.

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