Thursday, November 24, 2016


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Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau) yesterday attended an athletic arm band event. Sum Yau covered up a bruise that was the size of half a fist on her right arm. She revealed, "Earlier while shooting DRAGON TATTOO (GAU LUNG BUK BAI) I got the bruise from a chase scene with UFC champion Anderson Silva. In the story I ran in a panic in a gym, when the scene ended I wasn't paying attention and ran into something. It was inevitable but very minor anyway. When I saw the champion fight with (Max) Zhang Jin, I thought that they were amazing but also had it very tough. If I would have the chance I would like to give it a try too, so now I am working hard to get into shape first."

Sum Yau said that a foreign friend after learning that she was working with Anderson Silva immediately asked her to get an autograph, but because the champion was either busy with fighting or learning his lines, so far she still has not felt right to bother him.

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