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Johnson Lee, Louisa So, Andrew Lam, Tommy Tam
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Johnson Lee, Loiusa So, Andrew Lam
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Johnson Lee's directing debut YUT GA DAI SAI (RUN OF THE HOUSE) two nights ago held its production wrap banquet. Actors Tommy Tam (Ti Lung), Yuen Qiu, Louisa So Yuk Wa, Andrew Lam Man Chung and Chin Siu Ho attended. The film will be released during the Lunar New Year opposite the Stephen Chow Sing Chi produced JOURNEY TO THE WEST 2. Johnson admitted Chow Sing Chi brought him into the business in 1998, without Mr. Chow he would not be here. At the time he was only a kid and has watched each of Chow's films ten times. He remained a super fan today. Would he invite Mr. Chow to his movie? Johnson said, "I will invite him, but after changing phones I lost his number. I have always wanted him to come. Aside from Mr. Chow, (Michael) Hui Koon Man is also my elder. Both are heroes in my heart."

In the film So Yuk Wa seduced Johnson, Johnson said that this time he made a family film. Ah So said that she definitely would be sexy, but Big Brother Ti Lung watched it and said it was funny but not dirty. As for the always mischievous Lam Man Chung, Johnson joked, "I really hate this person. He is expensive, but his acting is very scene stealing. His performance is even funnier than the script I wrote, so he is worth every cent. However other actors are also very expensive, every one is a veteran." Ah So also thanked Johnson for bringing her into the film world. Because in the past she mainly performed on the stage and on television, this time the chance to make a movie felt like a dream. Everyday she was able to work with her idols Ti Lung, Law Kar Ying and Chin Siu Ho, and she also got to play the mother of two children.

Lam Man Chung played Ti Lung's older son, after working with Brother Lung he found out that he was playful too. On the set he often spoke "French". Speaking of Ah Chung having little contact with his two sons, Ah Chung declined to respond and even changed the subject to say that the children in the film often played pranks on him. Would he take his children to watch his movie? He said, "Let's see if they are free, we will find a day!"

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