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Tang Yan is very glad to be able to play her idol Nicholas Tse's romantic interest
Bai Bing, Nicholas Tse
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Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, Jung Yong-Hwa, Bai Bing, Tiffany Tang Yan, Du Haitao starred and Ge You guest starred Lunar New Year film COOK UP A STORM (FUNG MEI GONG WU ji KUET JIN SIK SUN) yesterday held its Beijing press conference. The trailer also premiered at the event. Ting Fung and Jung Yong-Hwa's god of cooking duel was very passionate, as the Lunar New Year atmosphere was filled with Hong Kong film nostalgia.

Speaking of COOK UP A STORM, director Raymond Yip Wai Man said, "The film's comedic elements and emotions made this film the Lunar New Year viewing choice with the most humanity." Producer Mani Fok Man Hei said about Ge You, "When he first got the script, Ge You liked it very much already. The common emotions between people in this story of 'tears within laughter' touched him."

As for the film's subject, Ting Fung claimed to be a street stall's "dark faced little kitchen god". He said, "The cuisine in this film is very different, consisting many interpersonal feelings. Just as the trailer says, what we make is home cooking that the people like; the one goal of our cooking is hope that people would eat it happily." Ting Fung also mentioned that in the film he had an unusual father and son relationship that was similar to his own.

Tang Yan pointed out that in the film she would interpret two different kinds of love with the two leading men. COOK UP A STORM would be a reunion for Ting Fung and Tang Yan since THE STORM WARRIORS (FUNG WON 2) eight years ago. She claimed to be a "little fan all along". "We didn't directly work together before. This time is different, I am with him the entire time. I can consider it a wish fulfilled." Du Haitao said that he could relate to the friendship in the film, especially the film's old neighborhood nostalgia and even some lost cuisine would brought back a lot of memories.

The actors even revealed that "joy" connected the entire film as comedy stars of the North and the South would spend a happy new year with everyone. Ge You did not attend but Du Haitao and others recited his classic line. Ting Fung also changed from his "dark faced little kitchen god" arrogant character and held a bowl of giant plain noodles to pose for photos with the team.

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