Tuesday, November 29, 2016


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After half a year in a relationship, Adrian Wong is already looking at wedding stuff
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Adrian Wong Chi Ching, Hinson Chou Tsz Yeung, Xanadu Ng Yoyo, Lau Shek Yin yesterday attended an entertainment company opening celebration. Chi Chng looked much slimmer. She revealed that she has lost ten pounds since last year. "Mainly I have been working on (Johnnie) To Kei Fung's movies the last year or two. Mainland food was greasier and To Sir constantly took us to eat nonstop, finally I went from petite to medium. Now I have already quit late night snack, and Mommy is always forcing me to eat healthy, so I am health and thinner."

Chou Tsz Yeung's TVB contract ended more than half a year ago. He has been focusing on making three movies in the Mainland. Lately he returned to Hong Kong to make DRAGON TATTOO (GAU LUNG BUK BAI). He admitted that he has made a lot in the past half a year. Since TVB salary was limited, now he is making three or four times more.

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