Thursday, November 24, 2016


K Chek thanks Icy Chak for giving him advice so he is able to finish the scene in one take
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Rapper K-Chek (Kuk Chek) earlier worked on his new film YUN BUT JU DIK NGAN LUI and ran into a huge acting challenge. "I play a bully, in the story I picked on a kid and had to beat him up. However after I did I felt very guilty. Later I ran into Chak Pui Wan (Icy) who played a doctor. In the scene I felt very bad after hearing her comforting words, I had a strong headache and lost my composure. I didn't use eye drop to help with this scene, I purely relied on emotions to force out the tears. I only needed one take. Since I haven't had a lot of experience, hearing the director say 'good take!' I felt very pleased and happy! (Did the story remind you of the earlier assault you suffered?) The assault was after the shoot. The scene went so smoothly, I wanted to thank Icy. She gave me a lot of advice, I hope that in the future we will have even more chance to work together."

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