Friday, December 2, 2016


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Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Rex Tso Sing Yu, Jeannie Chan, Mark Lui Chung Tak and his wife, Sherman Chung Shu Man and Skye Chan two nights ago attended a smart phone press conference. Ka Fai rarely appeared in public recently. He revealed that he was working on a crime action film that he will direct and star in. He even participated in the script, so the screen writers would be able to understand the action format that he wanted. He also hoped the pace would be faster and more detailed, not as exaggerated as blowing up a building. The action sequence had to be rich enough. Ka Fai pointed out that the film has been scheduled for a mid January production start. He could only say that the cast will have Mainland and Hong Kong actors. He sad that he has already signed them. Although his writing has not been great, he could not write some visuals and the actors did not understand them. However everyone trusted him and after auditions they also signed contracts. Did he call in any favor? Ka Fai seriously said, "You shouldn't call in any favor for anything because you shouldn't treat friends like that. The most important is whether the characters are suitable. If you just randomly asked friends to say a few lines on camera, if they got nothing to take with them then you owed the actors!" Because this will be an action film, Ka Fai pointed out that the production budget will be many times more than the last. Investors very daringly permitted them to try and he would make the best film he could.

Ka Fai would not have to take off his muscles this time. At most he would do some basic training to make himself more flexible. He will have to direct and have stunts, he stressed that with the last directing and acting experience he would save some time for himself to rest. Because last time time and money were very tight, he hoped this time he would not have a time as difficult as the last. He did not work himself into ruins like last time. Ka Fai also revealed that during Christmas the team will head to Shanghai and Japan for location shoots, but the film will take place in the summer. It would truly be torture to shoot the film at the coldest and rainiest, but the film could not push back.

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