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Stephy Tang says Patrick Kong's movies are a little cursed
Louisa Mak says that in life people are either in love or out of love.  Break up is a type of new start too.
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Stephy Tang Lai Yun early this year announced the end of her ten year relationship wth Alex Fong Lik Sun. Director Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) still very aptly invited her to perform in the film L FOR LOVE L FOR LIES TOO (SUT LUEN YUT). Stephy admitted that at first she hesitated, in the end she accepted the role; making her first debut Louisa Mak Ming Sze also ended her relationship with her boyfriend during the shoot. She lightly said that she did not feel the film was a little "cursed" because her view on love was "life is out of love or in love, break up is a new start too!"

Yip Lim Sum after learning about Stephy and Siu Fong's break up asked Stephy to perform. Since the story was about the state of mind of a 30 something woman in a relationship, she was very suitable. However he never thought about asking Siu Fong to play the male lead. Stephy stated, "At first when I heard the (Chinese) film title I was hesitant, I was worried that people would think I was promoting. However I have played this character several times. After hearing this story was more about her life, family and work like witnessing the growth of the character, I agreed to perform without being scared off by the title. However the director truly was shameless, his movies were all a little cursed!" Stephy also had several sad crying scenes. She sad that because she understood the character, she could perform with different emotions.

Louisa worked on her first movie, but she understood that actors needed more emotions. Her childhood life was more monotonous, now she could gradually accumulate experience. She said that during the performance she could use real emotions to cry. Louisa said that although she was new, the director has not yelled at her yet. She was even rewarded with ice cream. The director even joked that she was like his pet. Yip Lim Sum explained that because she performed well she got ice cream. Stephy pretended to be jealous and said, "I never had ice cream. On the set he only chatted with Louisa. He never paid me any mind!" The director then explained that Louisa actually wanted to go over the lines with Stephy but he did not have the courage to, he only lent a hand to bring her over.

Louisa said that Stephy has always been her idol. Growing up watching her movies she already felt that she was beyond reach. After working together she saw her lovable side. Even though the director said that she was not talkative, she still asked her for acting advice. Stephy also explained that she was not in a bad mood, she was only used to being focused at work and not chat casually. Thus she and Louisa did not share their break up experience. They only talked about some happier matter.

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