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Miriam Yeung makes a surprise appearance.  She jokes that she does not know reporters would be there and luckily she has make up on.
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Miriam Yeung says that she does not know Shawn Yue well enough to respond to his rumors
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The film MAD WORLD (YUT LIM MO MING) two nights ago held its advanced screening and audience appreciation event. Leads Shawn Yue Man Lok, Charmaine Fong Ho Man and director Wong Chun attended. Friend Miriam Yeung Chin Wa even made a surprise appearance to support Lok Jai. This was Lok Jai's heaviest character in his film character. Wong Chun revealed that Lok Jai's character had huge mood swings. Lok Jai admitted that he was stressed, nervous and ill tempered.

As for the audience reaction, Lok Jai said that at every show the audience was pretty quiet. Maybe the film was too sad. They would ask why he was so focused on his performance. "Actually people in general may not know about our huge mood swings, maybe something is wrong and we won't realize that we have mental problems." Lok Jai admitted that he was stressed, nervous and ill tempered. He said, "I didn't think I was crazy though, these were just city illnesses!" Would he find others to talk to when he ran into problems? He said that he would try to maintain a positive lifestyle. Would he nourish it a little with dating? He said, "I can use this to reduce stress. You can't force dating. If you are unhappy with dating you might be even worse!" Director Wong Chun revealed that Lok Jai's character had huge mood swings. Lok Jai admitted that this time was his heaviest character in his film career so far. After the performance he has been scared off, he did not even want to come to the audience appreciation event too much. The performance was too heavy and he was afraid of being reminded of the performance.

Chin Wa made a surprise appearance and sad that he came to support Lok Jai and to watch the movie. Speaking of Eric Tsang Chi Wai feeling bad for Lok Jai for not getting a Golden Horse Award nomination, Chin Wa said that the most important for an actor was to be able to run into a good script and the performance to be recognized. Every film festival's angle was different, it was not time for the Hong Kong Film Award yet. Lok Jai might get a nomination. She said, "This business has a lot of opportunities everyday. Many after watching praised his performance, so I came to show my support!" Would she support him for making this movie for free? Chin Wa sad, "Actually in this business everyone has a connection, we would support each other. Of course we have to run into a good script first. In addition we aren't investing in the right now, if we do this job well then we would have a next job." Would she perform for free? She sad that it would depend on the script. Maybe after that she would have 100 film offers, which would be even better than salary.

When asked if she noticed any new rumors of Lok Jai, Chin Wa joked, "Actually the one I know is 'Jimmy Cheung'. I don't know much about Yue Man Lok. You would be better of asking him!"

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