Friday, December 30, 2016


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Joseph Chang and Sammi Cheng in LOVE CONTRACTUALLY
Joseph Chang has to keep taking off his clothes and dancing
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The Sammi Cheng Sau Man and Joseph Chang starred romantic comedy LOVE CONTRACTUALLY (HUP YEUK NAM NUI) will open on Valentine's Day 2017. In the trailer, Joseph Chang kept taking off his clothes to show off his muscles and shared a kiss with Cheng Sau Man. In the film Chang Hsiao-Chuan and Cheng Sau Man signed a surrogate parent contract that led to the comedy. They went to shoot on location in France. In the film they had many intimate scenes. Although they worked together for the first time, they had no gap at all as they were completely submerged into the romantic atmosphere. Chang Hsiao-Chuan felt embarrassed during this topless scenes because he was performing alone. He had to take off his clothes and dance with everyone watching; a dance scene with Chang Hsiao-Chuan and Cheng Sau Man made him very nervous. Because he was not a great dancer, during the shoot his palms kept sweating.

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