Friday, December 30, 2016


Donnie Yen performs in the music video
Ding Sheng and Jackie Chan study a mid air bomb theft scene with physics principles
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ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY is in release now. The film has invited Donnie Yen Chi Tan to play the spiritual and skilled warrior monk Chirrut Imwe, which the Hong Kong audience looked forward to. Chi Tan came from a music background, since childhood he has studied piano playing with his father. To promote ROGUE ONE, he even played the Jam Hsiao performed Chinese theme song.

This musical performance again showed Chi Tan's musical talent. After receiving the sheet music, even though it was only two days before the music video shoot he still made time to play at the hotel until he was familiar with the song. The crew was surprised to find that he was not only known around the world for kung fu but his musical ability was just as great.

Speaking of new films, the Ding Sheng directed, Jackie Chan starred RAILROAD TIGER after six days in release its Mainland box office has already passed 300 million yuan. With the New Year holiday on the way, it would likely perform even better.

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