Tuesday, December 27, 2016


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Athena Chu relies on her on screen son to turn horror into laughter
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Since announcing her pregnancy in 2012 and consequently married Paul Wong Koon Chung, Athena Chu Yun has not appeared on the big screen. She recently returned to perform in the Edmond Wong Chi Wun produced and written, new directors Derrick Tao Ting Chun and Mak Ho Bong directed horror film GOO JAT. Chu Yun said, "When I got the script, I had quite a feeling for it. I would be able to play the character from age 20 to 60, which would be very challenging. I hope to be able to bring the audience something fresh."

Chu Yun has not made too many horror films. The first film of her return to the Hong Kong silver screen would actually be one. Chu Yun stated that it was because of the script. She said, "This time the script was very complete, very special, the characters were attracted. Director Tao, Director Bong both might be new directors but were very professional. They understood the script exceptionally well. During the meeting they already had the story board, the scenes, and the actual shoot locations. When I first stepped into the old mansion, it was exactly as described at the meeting. The atmosphere and lighting already gave me chills."

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