Saturday, December 24, 2016


MONKEY KING 2 takes the first step toward an Oscar nomination
Soi Cheang scouts location with the team
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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing is currently working on THE MONKEY KING 3 in Taiwan and seemingly has already forgotten about how exhausting the shoot was over a year ago and how much pain the special effect make up caused when he heard that THE MONKEY KING 2 was among the over 300 films that would vie for a Best Picture Oscar nomination. "This is already an enormous encouragement for the entire team, proving that putting an effort into making a good movie was the most important! We are now 'together again' to work hard on the production. The team morale has been great. We will be very focused on making the sequel great. I hope that the audience will continue to support us!" "Tang Monk" Feng Shaofeng and "Piggy" Xiao Shenyang also expressed their joy. "Sand Monk" Law Chung Him admitted that being a part of the film was a honor. Investor Alex Wong Hoi Fung simply replied, "This news is the best Christmas present."

Director Soi Cheang Po Shui recently led the team to scout locations everywhere. This time the total investment will reach 500 million RMB. Almost 1,000 people will participate in the shoot. The new film is planned for a Lunar New Year 2018 release.

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