Friday, December 23, 2016


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The Ding Sheng directed, Jackie Chan, TAO, Wang Kai, Darren Wang, Hiroyuki Ikeuchi starred film RAILROAD TIGERS two days ago held its premiere in Beijing. The little characters that were rich and had dimensions, like the "TAO who always do something big", "Wang Kai the tall and cold sharpshooter", "Silly, tanned and sweet Darren Wang", "Always clueless Fatty", "Tiny who would only curse", each had their own outstanding characteristics. With the thrilling action on the train, train crash and bridge explosion, the film made a deep impression. Yet the most unexpected was aside from all the brilliant fights the film also exploded with laughter. The audience could laugh from the beginning to the end, exploding with entertainment.

Big Brother Jackie Chan's action comedy has always a must form of Lunar New Year entertainment. Because of the thrilling action, the audience has always looked forward to Jackie Chan's films. This time RAILROAD TIGERS not only had intense action scenes but also fresh train stunts. The actors not only had to challenge numerous stunts on the high speed train but also used slides, sleds, poles and different ways to board the train.

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