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The Charlie Wong Wing Fung directed and produced romance MOOT YAU PONG MAN DIK HAU TIN (TWO DAYS FROM NOW WTHOUT DUSK) starred Tsui Tin Yau and Shirley Chan Yan Yin as a couple. Earlier they went to Kenting, Taiwan for romantic scenes. Aside from sunset at the beach, they also tried night market street food and balloon shooting games just like a young couple in love.

In the story Tsui Tin Yau and Chan Yan Yin were originally secondary school classmates. After starting their jobs they ran into each other and developed into a couple. The film would have different romantic scenes. Tin Yau said that he was romantic in real life too and would create surprises for his other half. He said, "Before my wife and I were married, I already planned for a birthday party weeks before her birthday. She was the only one who didn't know. I even told her that I would have to work that day and wouldn't be able to celebrate. Actually I got together with all our friends, one of them invited her somewhere. When she got there she realized that everyone were there to celebrate with her." Tin Yau joked that he got lazier as he grew older because he used to be even more romantic. He was very willing to spend a lot of time and effort to please her. Once on Valentine's Day he wrote sweet words on an advertising billboard.

Chan Yan Yin said that when she was dating she would give her other half romance, like suddenly picking him up from work or going grocery shopping at the market together then cooking. She said, "Sometimes it didn't have to be on a holiday. Sudden surprises would be very sweet. I am a fun girl."

Having made only one or two romantic films in his career, Tin Yau admitted that he mostly made horror and dramatic films. Yet this time he felt somewhat difficult. He also said that when he received the script he did not know how to perform it. Thus he crammed with Korean drama. He said, "I don't watch Korean drama, so I asked my wife which one should I watch? Finally we watched MY LOVE FROM THE STARS again. Then I asked my assistant which one would be good to watch."

As a film new comer, Chan Yan Yin admitted that her first lead role was very stressful. Because in the film she had a lot of depressed scenes, she had to display different levels of sadness. She said, "Because I had to express a variety of sadness, the feeling of which had to have different layers. Tin Yau also would before the shoot remind where to see or look. If not I would have a bad take."

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