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The Sun Entertainment Culture invested SPL 2 (SAT POR LONG I) was rated one of the American film magazine Screen Scene's best film of 2016. With the SPL 2 team, the Soi Cheang Po Shui, Paco Wong produced, Wilson Yip Wai Shun directed, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Tony Jaa, Wu Yue, Chris Collins starred, newly added Sammo Hung Kam Bo action directed PARADOX (TAM LONG) after three months of production in Bangkok and Pattaya earlier officially completed all action scenes.

In the PARADOX wrap stills, Goo Jai eliminated his cop image of recent years, gave up his guns for knifes as he carried a 16 inch butcher knife with cuts and blood stains on his arm. Goo Jai said, "Thanks to Big Brother Hung Kam Bo, I had a lot of fun fighting this time in PARADOX, which I hope will bring the audience an all new look and feel!" In the film, Goo Jai's 16 year old daughter went missing and he followed the trail to Thailand. With the assistance of Thai Chinese cop Wu Yue he discovered that his daughter's disappearance was related to the mob organ trade.

Wu Yue also carried a butcher knife in the still and traded blows with mobster Chris Collins. Wu Yue sad, "Big Brother Hung Kam Bo's action designs are truly very exciting. He used the unique alleys of Bangkok to design the chases and the fights. The action is ferocious." With the stunt wrap, Wu Yue returned to Beijing in time to welcome the arrival of his 7.26 pound little princess. He said, "When I saw my daughter, happy tears came from my heart."

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