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Charmaine Sheh
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Rachel Chau
Cecilia So is too busy to date
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To promote youth cultural exchange between four lands on both sides of the strait, the China Star Light Charity Fund Association, along with the Hong Kong Micro Movie Institute and the Chinese Academy of Governance (HK) Industrial and Commercial Professionals Alumni Association Ltd. organized Golden Falcon Award presentation. Yesterday the event invited Charmaine Sheh Si Man, Teddy Robin Kwan, Cecilia So Lai Shan and Rachel Chau Ka Lei to be guest presenters.

Best Actor award presenter Sheh Si Man said that the cost of making a micro movie and a big screen movie differed very much, but many micro movies had meaningful subjects. She also hoped to have a chance to participate in micro movies.

Ah Sheh revealed that later she and Dayo Wong Tze Wah will work together on a comedy. The last time they worked together was the TVB series 7 years ago, YOU'RE HIRED. As for her character, Ah Sheh said that at first she had to a mob boss' woman. However the script has gone through a lot of changes, so far the final draft has not yet been confirmed. She only knew that her character would be funny. In addition, Tze Wah's friends would guest star this time.

Ah Sheh said that she might work on a thriller. She said that she has always been afraid of ghosts and the dark, so she struggled inside many times. Even if she chose to read the script in the after noon, she would get more and more scared and would not be able to sleep all night. She even needed to leave the lights on, as she would have nightmares while half asleep. She asked the producer that she had to have worship ceremonies for location shoots. She would participate faithfully.

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