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Snow Suen makes a yoga pose
Lesley Chiang
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The Bob Lam Sing Bun, Mak Ling Ling, Natalie Tong Wing Sze starred comedy LUCKY FAT MAN (NGOR YIU FAT DAT) will open on the Lunar New Year next year. The actors two nights ago at the Hong Kong Movie Producers and Distributors Association 38th anniversary event held a "fortune telling". The cast including Snow Suen Wai Suet before the event wrote Lunar New Year Fai Chuns. Ah Suet wrote "like fish in the water" and Sister Ling Ling praised her for her creativity.

Playing a Japanese adult video actress in the film, Ah Suet was invited to "play a friendly match" with Lo Hoi Pang after Lam Sing Bun got rich. She said, "It's volleyball! (Would your husband be upset that you play an adult video actress?) No, it's just a little sexy. It's all the clothes! (Do you have any flirting scene?) They stop as soon as they get to the main plot. (Do you learn Japanese from watching adult videos?) I went online to look for Yui Hatano movies, but I only watch the opening for homework."

Lesley Chiang Lai Man, Carrie Ng Ka Lai and Raymond Wong Pak Ming two nights ago attended a film event. Lesley admitted that she wanted to date but so far nothing came of it. She joked that the opposite sex were afraid of her father Paul Chun Pui. "Hong Kong guys won't try to pursue me. They say that I am nice and pretty, but 'Lord Hung' (Chun Pui's ALL FOR THE WINNER character)'s daughter is off limits! They also say that my father has said, 'kill first, ask question later' and 'are you threatening me'. (Are your suitors all into his moves?) That's right! I have heard at least 7 times guys telling me that! Actually my dad is very nice!"

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