Friday, December 30, 2016


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Ms. So and Marianne Wong
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Fans remember Ah Mui
Ms. So
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Yesterday was the 13th anniversary of Anita Mui Yim Fong's passing. Mui fans as usual held memorial events. Fans first went to pay their respect at Shang Shin Chun Tong. Then they went to present incense sticks at her altar on Lamma Island. Some went to the Avenue of Stars to bow to the Sister Mui statue. At night a memorial event took place at Central.

Around noon, fans gradually arrived to pay their respect at Shang Shin Chun Tong. They brought Sister Mui's favorite food like sashimi, custard tart, milk tea, egg sandwich, cola, snacks and flowers. Fans also sent floral arrangements to express how much they still missed her after 13 years.

Sister Mui's international fan club president Ms. So and former manager Marianne Wong Man Wai went to Shang Shin Chun Tong to pay their respect. Ms. So said, "Every year's memorial events have been pretty much the same, they wouldn't be too special. Most fans have already gone to pay their respect on Lamma Island. I will rush over since Sister Mui's ashes are there; then I will go to Central to attend the memorial event." Last year Sister Mui's altar location was unveiled. Ms. So was not worried that a huge crowd would show up there. Has she contacted Mother Mui? Ms. So said, "Many fans often visited Mother Mui and had tea with her. As far as I know, they all took great care of Mother Mui."

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