Wednesday, December 21, 2016


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The film TEN YEARS won the "Domestic Movie" Award at the Yahoo Awards. Producer Andrew Choi Lim Ming and director Jevons Au Man Kit accepted the award. Speaking of TEN YEARS' television rights, Choi Lim Ming stated that before the film won the Hong Kong Film Award Best Film several television stations were in negotiation, but after no one contacted them again. "Some have even made offers that we thought at the time was pretty good, but after we went to talk with the distribution companies and they all said they were not interested." Choi Lim Ming said that it was somewhat regrettable that the film was unable to be shown on more platforms. Would he consider selling the television rights overseas? Choi Lim Ming said that for now he has not thought about that, but revealed that they have a 10 year international plan that would sell this idea of "ten years" to different countries. Their next stop would be Taiwan. Hopefully at the next year it would be released.

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