Saturday, February 1, 2020


Andrew Lau's new film production is delayed due to the outbreak
Dicky Cheung postpones his Macau concert with the outbreak in mind
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To thoroughly confirm the spirit of Central's guidance to strength outbreak control, reduce gathering of masses, and better protect workers' safety and health, the China broadcast television community group association television producer and actor committees two days ago issued a joint press release to announce film and television production halt during the novel corona virus outbreak period. The statement pointed out that during the period of the novel corona virus prevention, all film and television production companies, teams and actors should follow the related national regulation and temporarily stop film and television series production work.

If any film and television company, team in this period does not stop production and triggers the spread of the outbreak, they would bear the responsibility. During the outbreak, film and television producers and actors have the right to decline production work. If any production is discovered to be continuing during the outbreak, it can be reported to the China broadcast television association television producer committee and actor committee, or the local government and outbreak prevention department.

In coordinate with outbreak prevention, famous costume film studio Hengdian film and television studio earlier has already announced that it would temporarily be closed to production. The indefinitely production halt has deeply affected the team and the film and television industry suffered severe impact. Hengdian film and television studio yesterday announced that in order to reduce each team and actor's losses, the studio during the production halt would remove all production base and production set cost and cut the charges of the hotels under its banner in half. In addition, Hengdian's actor guild would also during the production halt provided each extra 300 yuan of housing bonus and 200 yuan living expense stipend for the month to get past the difficult times together.

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