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After years in film and television, veteran actor Tai Bo (Cheung Ka Nin) recently won the Hong Kong Film Critic Society Best Actor. Actually in the past he has performed in countless film and television series and his acting has been recognized.

Tai Bo most recently in the film SUK SUK played a gay man and won Best Actor at the 26th Hong Kong Film Critic Society Awards along with BEYOND THE DREAM (WAN OI)'s Lau Chun Him. However Tai Bo said that when he took the role he suspected whether he would be able to master the role. Director Ray Yeung even went to Taiwan three times to persuade him to perform.

"This film is a role that I have never played before, as a professional actor I feel it's still fine. However I considered this character to be a 60 something homosexual, would I be able to play this character? I struggled. The director after watching my performance in GLAMOROUS YOUTH flew to Taiwan three times for me. First when I read the script I took 3 months. After reading it I discussed it with my family and my wife. My wife said, 'This script is good, you take it!' So I took the role. I asked the director how far would the film go, but the director said that the relationship would be very light.

Playing a twilight homosexual relationship with Yuen Fu Wa in the film, Tai Bo stated that they did not know each other before hand. Although before the performance they did not study how to perform, after they took their marks they very naturally performed according to the script.

"I understand the character I play this time, Pak. Often people have expiration dates, but what are in their hearts are forever. This relationship can't be too wild, too revealing; so it is secretive and hidden, something that they want but can't have. When he runs into this romance, this very short term relationship explodes out of the 60 something."

Playing a brokeback relationship, Tai Bo admitted that he was very pleased to be able to perform from within. He even joked that the reason the director asked him was perhaps his potential. Every take has been a good one and few changes were made. "I performed with the method that I came up with, so I really was like the character Pak. This type of character truly doesn't come long even when you ask for it! We were able to have the recognition of those who have seen the film. While at the Busan Film Festival, although the people there didn't understand Chinese they were moved to tears during the screening. This movie isn't about sex, just family and friendship. During decades of acting, I mostly performed in commercial films in the past. I have also made dramatic films, but this performance left a very deep impression."

After winning the Film Critic Society Best Actor award, was he confident that he would win the Hong Kong Film Award? He said, "In this business I have never deliberately made a movie in order to win an award. I go with the flow! If it comes, I will accept it. I am already very happy to have professional praises and recognition."

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