Tuesday, February 11, 2020


courtesy of mingpao.com

Irene Wan Bik Ha with the film THE FALLEN (DOR LOK FA) won the 8th Silk Road International Film Festival Best Actress in Ireland. She received more good news as the film was selected for its fourth film festival, the 15th Osaka Asian Film Festival.

Irene and her family earlier spent the Lunar New Year in Bali. Two nights ago she celebrated with a group of good friends. She did not expect that the evening would not just end with dessert but also a cake that was filled with a gold statue and a replica of herself. Actually her friends secretly celebrated her first international Best Actress award. Irene was tear eyed as she blew out the candles. "I am very happy, thank you everyone for giving me this surprise. The cake is very pretty, very thoughtful. I would continue to work hard, and make more good movies for everyone! I was very moved, haha!" Irene was grateful and truly wanted to thank each fan, friend, Emperor boss Mr. Yeung (Albert Yeung Sau Sing), Mani (Fok Man Hei) and all the colleagues, and every managers who has helped her in the past and the present.

Irene somewhat regretted that because she promised her family to spend the Lunar New Year in Bali, did not attend the 8th Silk Road International Film Fesival in Ireland and was unable to personally accept the award. As for the award and the certificate, Irene said that she still has not received them yet as they were probably on the way. She looked forward to holding them in her hands very much. Last night Irene flew to Paris to work a French film and would spend two weeks there for the production.

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