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Venus Wong Man Yik in the new film THE SECRET DIARY OF A MOM-TO-BE (BABY FOOK SAU GEI) played a pregnant woman and had to wear a fake belly for a long time. She even had a pregnant woman photo shoot scene. She said that at first she felt it really was a lot of fun, but after awhile she felt that walking was very tough. She needed help with just putting on her shoes. As soon as she arrived at make up she had to put on the fake belly, which she could not take off even during make up or meal time. She said, "Everyday after work I really had back and knee pain. Being pregnant really is very tough, finally I understand why pregnant women are so short tempered." She also praised director Luk Yee Sum for excelling in communicating with actors. She pointed out that because of work she constantly posed for photos, but the director wanted that comedic feel of an ordinary person being in a studio for the first time. She felt it was rather difficult.

In addition, she and DaDa Chan Jing, Jennifer Yu Heung Ying and Koyi Mak Chi Yi in the film were best friends. Comedy ensued during the shoot. In one scene Chan Jing went with the other three to relax on a trip to Macau, but her friends arranged for her to watch a male dance revue. The four of them agreed that the shoot was both awkward and exciting. Yu Heung Ying said that she felt very excited in make up, but during the shoot everyone was very embarrassed.

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