Friday, February 14, 2020


The Hong Kong International Film Festival Association announced that due to the recent outbreak the 44th Hong Kong International Film Festival and the 18th Hong Kong Asia Film Financing Forum will be postponed.

The Hong Kong International Film Festival Association chief Albert Lee confirmed that the two flagship events that were originally scheduled to take place in six weeks will be postponed until the summer. The Cine Fan film festival April and May programs will be canceled. He said, "We will discuss with the venue, affiliated organizations, sponsors and alliance partners in hopes of being able to announce even more details in regards to the film festival postponement."

The Hong Kong Asia Film Financing Forum chief Wong Hing Cheung said that the 18th Hong Kong Asian Film Financing Forum will continue to take place in the same period as the 24th Hong Kong International Film Festival. The Hong Kong Trade Development Council has already announced that this year's Hong Kong Film and Television Market will be postponed until August 27th to 29th. Wong Hing Cheung continued, "Our project with the Cannes Film Festival will take place in May as scheduled. Selected projects will be announced in late March."

Albert Lee added, "It was not easy to decide to postpone the film festival and the financing forum. As a responsible social organization, we understand that we should first be concerned with the public's health and safety. We sincerely hope that speedy recovery for those who have been affected by the outbreak."

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