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Louis Cheung Kai Chung and Candy Yu On On worked together for the first time in the film THE SECRET DIARY OF A MOM-TO-BE (BABY FOOK SAU GEI). Playing a maturity helper internet star, Cheung Kai Chung was paid handsomely to supervise her daughter in law Dada Chan Jing's diet and rest.

As an internet star maturity helper, Cheung Kai Chung said that after taking the role he shared his view on maturity helpers with the director. When his daughter was born they hired a maturity helper, from which he had quite a deep impression. He felt how noble it was to be a maturity helper!

"I feel maturity helpers are almost in the same class as doctors in my heart, because they save a family. After I talked with the director, she added a lot into the script."

In the film when Cheung Kai Chung often gave advice to the soon to be father Kevin Chu Kam Yin to prepare for the soon to arrive baby. Cheung Kai Chung said that his performance reminded him of himself back then. "Back then when my wife was carrying the older son and her water broke, I was the one who drove to the hospital. I still remember that after finishing work at the studio it was already early morning. When I got home I was still very hungry! I was planning to make ramen when the Old Lady said her water broke. So I carried her downstairs to drive her, but all the cars were in the way! I wanted to ram other people's cars out of the way, like I really was crazy!"

With two daughters, Yu On On said that in the past most mostly only wealthy clans would hire maturity helper. Thus during pregnancy she would ask her mother for advice and take care of herself. On On also said that back then when she had her older daughter she was not too stable. The doctor asked her to be on bed rest for three months. "At the time I only lay in bed. I did everything in bed aside from going to the bathroom. Even when I urinated I didn't dare to do it too hard. Now I can laugh about it, but back then it was very worrying! After three months the doctor said that the condition was more stable. However I didn't dare to walk around freely until the sixth month. The younger daughter was born on the Lunar 3rd, a premature birth baby. On the Lunar 2nd I was at home and ate like crazy. Mama told me not to keep eating, otherwise I would give birth from all the eating. Finally that night the birth really started!"

Although On On is already a grandmother, she said that she was open minded and would not be longing for a grandchild like her character. She said that her older daughter and son in law both really like children, but her son in law was more in a hurry to become a father. She felt that the most important was for them to be prepared mentally to be parents. "I would share a lot about what they would face in the future, but after making this film I felt great because the result could show the trouble and the concern a couple would run into when having children. So I definitely would ask my daughters to watch."

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