Saturday, February 29, 2020


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Dennis Law, Lam Sheung and Jill Yeung
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Director Dennis Law Sau Yiu two nights ago along with actor Lam Sheung and Jill Yeung Yan promoted their new film NIGHTS OF A SHEMALE A MAD MAN TRILOGY 1/3. He said that the subject was more alternative, the most difficult was choosing whether to make it or not because before the production began he already knew the film would be a guaranteed loss. However he wanted to fulfill his wish to make this story and finally he decided to.

Law Sau Yiu said that he would rather ask Lam Sheung to perform than consider spending almost HK$ 300,000 to hire real shemales in Thailand for the production. Because the story was about a protagonist who was a drug addict before becoming a shemale, he was looking for realism. As for casting Lam Sheung, he said that he was looking for an actor who was willing to perform frontal nudity. He also said that the film was arranged for a release during the "outbreak" market because the promotions were already scheduled months ago. He said, "I still have confidence in the film market. Ultimately film has a demand, we shall see if we will prevail."

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