Tuesday, June 8, 2021


courtesy of singtao.com

MIRROR member Anson Lo Hon Ting in his first film GA MO NUI TUEN (FAKE GIRL GROUP) worked with ViuTV series WHO SELLS BRICIS IN HONG KONG director Keian Chui Tze Yiu. After a month of preparation and production, the film recently wrapped up its shoot. Anson Lo and actresses Chloe So Ho Yi, Chan Chi Huen, Heidi Lee Ching Yi, Alina Lee Yan Yi, Kira Chan Wai Suen under the leadership of producer Charlie Wong took a big group photo on the set to commemorate the occasion.

Charlie praised the film's young actors, during the shoot they demonstrated their strengths. After completing the production in a month, everyone already built a bond and friendship. They would miss each other after the wrap. In addition, the film had many singers. Thus the producer would arrange for them to sing a theme song together. The film GA MO NUI TUEN has youth, action and inspirations all in one and will open around September or October.

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