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Alex Yeung

Nicholas Tse has never left the Emperor family
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Emperor chief Albert Yeung Sau Sing's son Alex Yeung Ching Lung recently has been promoted to become the vice chair of Emperor Motion Pictures. The company invested several hundreds of millions on film production and cinemas. Without any fear of the pandemic, Alex stated that entertainment would have a bright future and joked that "the show must go on". In the future the company would continue to work with famous directors like Zhang Yimou and Jiang Wen, as well as with Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Dior Cheng Yi Kin and others on family, inspirational films to inject more variety into the film industry!

Emperor Motion Picture Vice Chair Yeung Ching Lung earlier spoke to the media at his Tsim Shat Tsui cinema. The company recently made numerous moves, aside from investing HK$ 350 million on the film ONCE UPON A TIME IN HONG KONG (GUM SAU JI) Emperor also announced that it would invest HK$ 70 million on the renovation of its Causeway Bay Times Square cinema. It would be the 7th in its Hong Kong cinema expansion. Macau would also have its first Emperor Cinema. Continuing to invest under the pandemic, the company has been more courageous than others and rather optimistic about the future.

Alex revealed that projects would keep coming as the company would invest in 2 new films, including the Eric Tsang Chi Wai produced and starred CHOOK JO GA YUN (FAMILY FOR RENT), a family comedy with Carlos Chan Ka Lok, Catherine Chau Ka Yi and Tian Niu; another would be an inspirational film SUM SIU SIM BEI GUOON (LATE NIGHT HIDING HALL) that would star Cheng Yi Kin and produced by Law Chi Leung.

Was Alex worried that the pandemic would be difficult for breaking even? He said, "The pandemic has caused difficulties in every business and industry, but I feel that clothing, food, home and transportation are necessities. Like people in the industry always say, 'the show must go on!' Cinemas and film under the condition of ensured safety should probably continue to develop. Like film productions, we kept making many different genre films for the needs of different viewers; as for cinemas, aside from good video and sound systems, we also kept elevating food quality and released many innovative snacks and beverages. Many would say that online streaming video platforms would affect the cinema business, actually back then when television started cinemas were said to be affected too. However interaction between people would involve going out, watching movies, and eating. The most important is to keep improving. There is always room to develop."

Alex served as a chief planner on the film CLIFF WALKERS, which made over 1.1 billion RMB at the box office. Speaking of the film halting production for almost 2 months due to the pandemic, the film probably went over the budget by a lot. However he felt that going a little over the budget was not worth mentioning at all in comparison to the hard work of the cast and the crew working in the ice and snow. He even stated that he would like to keep working with director Zhang Yimou. Whether it would be a sequel, it would have to wait until the discussion with Director Zhang on whether the story could continue.

As film fanatic himself, Alex loved to watch all kinds of movies. He stated that film investments would be market driven. As for actors, he pointed out that the company has many artists. Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, Joey Yung Cho Yi and Twins are great choices. "Artists who signed with us are like a family, everyone are very happy to work together. One day I saw Ting Fung, at age 40 he spent 2/3 of his life at Emperor. This is truly wonderful. Everyone could see his changes, from singer to actor. His new film RAGING FIRE (NO FOR) will also be released soon. He keeps on improving on many things. Deep Ng Ho Hong and Chan Ka Lok are artists with a lot of variety. If we start production on a movie, we want to consider whether our company has suitable choices first. As for directors, we would work a lot with Lau Ho Leung, (Derek) Kwok Chi Kin, Zhang Yimou, Jiang Wen and others."

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