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The Gillian Chung Yun Tung and Michelle Wai Sze Nga starred film LIU JAI KEI YUEN: WAT PEI earlier officially began production. Ah Gil this time transformed into the "East Sea Dragon Clan third princess" Ah Yeuk. The role had many similarities to her. Both their personalities tended to be tough, brave in the pursuit of what they wanted, decisive, determined, with their own ideas. Thus during the shoot she would be more in character.

As for Michelle her character appeared to be fully dominant. She said, "I watched DARK TALES when I was little, for me every character was very attractive, the costumes were very pretty too. Thus this time I was very surprised when the look was set. My costume was very special, with a lot of thoughts put into it." Aside from the outstanding costume, rarely in a costume film she admitted that the hardest was handling the martial art fight scenes. "Because I have a lot of martial art action scenes, I have never fought before and in addition it is a costume film, I have never learned the action before; like how to release the palm to look pretty while having that force. These are all very hard." Michelle before the shoot began had intense martial art action training. "Aside from martial art, I also had wire training because many scenes required wire work. I have never come in contact with these before. I feel that I am very lacking, so after finishing this film I want to find an instructor who specializes in this area to take lessons with."

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