Tuesday, June 29, 2021


William Chan with a new look

William Chan has learned a lot from Gordon Chan
courtesy of on.cc

The Gordon Chan Ka Seung directed, William Chan Wai Ting and Wang Qianyuan starred film BO FUNG (STORM) earlier wrapped up its production. Chan Wai Ting learned a lot from the experience and gave special thanks to director Chan Ka Seung. He said that last year while working in Hengdian, he suddenly received a call. The worker said that Director Chan Ka Seung wanted to see him. "At the time I was particularly happy, because I have always liked Director Ka Seung. He is a director I really want to work with. At a Hengdian restaurant, he met with Director Ka Seung. He said that he wanted to make a red subject film. This film would be highly difficult. My emotions at the time would be very hard to describe. On one hand I would work with a director I really like so I was very exuberant; on the other hand I felt that I had to accept an all new challenge, so I was very excited."

However at the time Chan Ka Seung that he was too light, so after the script meeting Chan Wai Ting asked the director how tan did he wanted him to be. The director then currently the tan he had now. "Looking back now, this skin color is a part of my character." Chan Wai Ting also said that during the shoot he learned a lot. Chan Ka Seung not only gave him a lot of guidance but also room to demonstrate his skills. He encouraged him to thoroughly interpret the role. "I was very happy to be able to work with Brother Qianyuan, from him I not only saw how to be an even better actor but even more importantly I learned how an actor would display more possibilities. Thank you Brother Qianyuan for taking care of me." Chan Wai Ting pointed out that his role was like being in a storm. He was always in a whirlpool, kept running forward for the ray of light that he believed in.

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