Thursday, June 2, 2016


Director Wilson Chin and Alex Fong Lik Sun
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Alex Fong Lik Sun and director Wilson Chin Kwok Wai yesterday promoted their new film KIDNAP DING DING DON (BONG GA DING DING DONG) on RoadShow. The film will premiere at the end of the month.

Siu Fong said that working on Director Chin's film was different from before because his past films mostly showed the ugly side of relationships. On the other hand Director Chin's romance had truth, kindness and beauty. Siu Fong said, "During the shoot co-star Wong Yuen Chi (Ivana) wasn't married yet and I haven't broken up. After the wrap Ivana announced her wedding and everyone thought that I would follow. At the time I knew what was going on and was sunken for awhile, but I didn't feel right to tell everyone." Siu Fong said that now in order to avoid the awkwardness he would not work with old flame Stephy Tang Lai Yun for now. He joked that working with Ivana was even better. "During this film I still haven't shaken off the past Yip Lim Sum (Patrick Kong) style romance, which made Ivana yell at me for not loving her enough. I asked her if it was too simple to just fall for her, she sweetly said that it was like that for real. Then she announced her wedding. The world actually still has this type of love." Chin Kwok Wai urged all ladies to work hard because this "hot property" of Siu Fong has already returned. Was Siu Fong already ready for his next romance? He said, "Now I am not deliberately looking, I am still a homebody. If I se girls who would make my heart beat I wouldn't say no. Who doesn't like to date or be with someone, but now I wouldn't take the initiative to look. No one has taken the initiative to get close to me either." Chin Kwok Wai's wife could introduce girls to him, a light bulb went on over Siu Fong's head immediately. "That's right."

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