Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Wang Luodan is stuck between Tony Yang and Liu Ye
courtesy of on.cc

The Oxide Pang Shun directed new film MY WAR yesterday held a press conference in Shanghai. Leads Liu Ye, Tony Yang and Wang Luodan appeared.

Playing brothers in the film, Tony Yang had to carry the injured Liu Ye on the run. He said that earlier a director saw his running scene and praised his performance. He said, "Because at the time the explosion was behind me, I had to get away right away. After every scene, Liu Ye and I would find a lot of scars on our bodies. After the shoot we would lean on each other to see the doctor."

Liu Ye said that he looked dirty and the film had a lot of bloody scenes, he would not take his children to see it. Pang Shun admitted that after this week he would "shut down" to be with his pregnant wife Lee Sinjie.

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